You Can Change Yourself To Become Whatever You Want.

For as long as he could remember, irrespective of the characters and personalities of every individual he had met in his life so far, he had always preferred to focus on their best traits and ignore the worst ones, mainly because, he had realized that over the long-term, it paid to be good and do … Continue reading You Can Change Yourself To Become Whatever You Want.

The Anxiety Ridden Path Of Sins

Something just didn't feel right, or was it just his brain chemicals acting fuzzy? He could smell the weird vibes in the air around him, the air that he was breathing, as if something that shouldn't have been, was being. He didn't like this feeling one bit, not one bit, because it made him feel … Continue reading The Anxiety Ridden Path Of Sins

Unawareness helps the Elected

"I can't believe you're ready to accept what you're being told by the elected. How can you?" "The people of this country have put them in power. What do you want me to do?" "You can introspect, question and try to understand as to whom they're pandering to. The bigwigs or the suppressed? Both the … Continue reading Unawareness helps the Elected

Booming Sense

Malcolm felt depressed after reading the newspaper. Violence, evil and scams formed at least 20% of it, which was morally unacceptable according to Malcolm. How could men and women succumb to evil? "Can't men and women understand the purpose and sanctity of life?" Sins listened to him in deep thought. This was a regular conversation … Continue reading Booming Sense

Marijuana and the Universe

"Tell me the truth. Do you believe in God?" "I believe in the concept" "Really? Tell me the concept" "I think we humans have overused and simplified the concept of God, due to which we are seeing polarisation and wars fought over religion. I mean, how many times have we seen sane people reiterate again … Continue reading Marijuana and the Universe