Blazed Mind, Blazed New World

On one hand, his content feed was filled with news about 5G trials; the 'metaverse' led by Epic Games; companies raising millions of dollars for being valued at billions; stock market updates (where share prices reflect the 'future') and its disconnect from the real economy (where its about the 'present'); cryptocurrencies and so on; while … Continue reading Blazed Mind, Blazed New World

The Death of Mr. Sins

For a long, long time, Mr. Sins stared, at nothing in particular. He had begun the year in spectacular fashion. For a full two months he had continued, day after day, visualizing the time when he would be frolicking along a quaint coastal bed, hand in hand with the partner of his dreams. Three days … Continue reading The Death of Mr. Sins

How Everyone Changes And A Possible Solution For Criminals on the Death Row

There were many things that he adored. Adored with all his heart. Out of all the things, he adored her the most After all, the much-professed viewpoint that each and every human being had been born with a divinely ordained purpose was a viewpoint that strived its best to sit with him in times of … Continue reading How Everyone Changes And A Possible Solution For Criminals on the Death Row

The Joy Of Living Life One Day At A Time. Change Your Perspective, Change Yourself.

It was the best of times, yet, it was the worst of times. Change was the only constant, a virulent state of flux that seemed to engulf the world, as if nothing had been so chaotic and uncertain in the history of the world as we knew it, a world that had been shaped by … Continue reading The Joy Of Living Life One Day At A Time. Change Your Perspective, Change Yourself.

The Rant of A Gentleman

Words couldn't describe Malcolm's state of mind. It wasn't shock. It wasn't angst, or sorrow or agony or any of the usual synonyms for occasions which caused distress, but rather a mixture of hate and peculiarity mired with a weird sense of confusion. His opposite numbers, two men and a woman he had been having … Continue reading The Rant of A Gentleman

The Sound of Sirens

Sins was taking a gigantic shit at six in the morning when the light in his bathroom went out. Left with nothing but the sound of his breathing and his butt spewing torrents of shit towards the splashing water beneath, he recalled how last night had been a disaster waiting to happen. He had started … Continue reading The Sound of Sirens

Rants, Facts and Objectivity

Malcolm was an odd one. He did not possess the required social skills to make anyone feel like continuing a steady conversation with him, not for lacking good content, but emitting a vibe of awkwardness which sometimes felt toxic at best. Needless to say, he hated it. He was great on the phone: calls, texts, … Continue reading Rants, Facts and Objectivity

The Joy of Problems

Sins wept in silence. For the umpteenth time that day, he tried to sweep his feelings under an imaginary rug, but he couldn't. He couldn't come to terms with the amount of effort that it took to create value, and then watch it disintegrate right it front of his eyes, helpless and powerless at the … Continue reading The Joy of Problems

Bitter Bar

"Anarchy. Disarray. This is the world today", a drunk Sins told the woman he had met at the bar an hour back. The woman stared at him in slight amusement. The conversation had taken an interesting turn a couple of minutes back, morphing into the behaviour of the society that they were a part of, … Continue reading Bitter Bar

Dismembered in Dirt

His screams reverberated across the small dingy alleyway, soaked by now in the relentlessly pounding rain. The three men led him by his arms towards their car, a plain black coloured Ford parked at the alley's entrance. He couldn't believe this fate would befall him. Tears of anger and grief streamed across his already wet … Continue reading Dismembered in Dirt

The Royal Boot-Out

There was a time when Malcolm used to imagine about mutilated bodies, decapitated heads, bodies being inserted into gigantic grinding machines and crushed to powder, which would be mixed with an appropriate fluid, mostly semen or something bearing a similar value of viscosity coefficient, and hardened into the shape of a penis, if the body … Continue reading The Royal Boot-Out

Booming Sense

Malcolm felt depressed after reading the newspaper. Violence, evil and scams formed at least 20% of it, which was morally unacceptable according to Malcolm. How could men and women succumb to evil? "Can't men and women understand the purpose and sanctity of life?" Sins listened to him in deep thought. This was a regular conversation … Continue reading Booming Sense

The Evil Herb

"Forgiveness is for the weak. Why should the onus be on the sufferer, to first endure the perpetrated act, and then issue a pardon. I believe, in this case the sufferer has full rights to retaliate his/her brand of suffering to the perpetrator. Forgiveness is for the weak" Mr. Sins listened to the man in … Continue reading The Evil Herb