A Perfect Storm of Circumstances

There are many things an individual can potentially accomplish in their day to day lives. All change simply needs a subtle shift in thought. The nature of the thought will dictate how one takes the next step. There are many thoughts available for us to think on a daily basis. We often loose track of … Continue reading A Perfect Storm of Circumstances

Clarity after Tanking Three Jobs

Every day he would feel the same sense of discomfort. From the moment he decided to wake up till the moment he would decide to switch off for the next 7-8 hours. A sense of paranoia kept gripping him from time to time. He wasn't able to place it exactly, neither did he know how … Continue reading Clarity after Tanking Three Jobs

Your Problems Will Not End. Make Them Better.

She was sitting right opposite to him in another room and the walls were transparent. He pretended to work, clicking random icons on his screen, unlocking his smartphone from time to time, every few seconds, in a bid to look busy in case she was looking at him. He wondered what was up with him, … Continue reading Your Problems Will Not End. Make Them Better.

The Joy Of Living Life One Day At A Time. Change Your Perspective, Change Yourself.

It was the best of times, yet, it was the worst of times. Change was the only constant, a virulent state of flux that seemed to engulf the world, as if nothing had been so chaotic and uncertain in the history of the world as we knew it, a world that had been shaped by … Continue reading The Joy Of Living Life One Day At A Time. Change Your Perspective, Change Yourself.

When You Think You’re Tall, You’ll Fall. Quickly.

He stood in front of the decrepit building and sobbed silently at the smouldering ruin that now lay in front of him, an imposing, almighty figure, wrapped in glass, standing erect only a few hours back and now reduced to ashes, its blackened exterior shrouded amidst the early morning fog, as if still enveloped in … Continue reading When You Think You’re Tall, You’ll Fall. Quickly.

When Overwhelmed, Know You’re Overwhelmed and Monitor Your Immediate Next Thought. All The Best.

He felt overwhelmed, exhausted and tired, after realizing he had so much and so many things to do, both personally and professionally, like two gigantic forty foot tidal waves coalescing together in front of his eyes before lifting him up and crushing his limp body by hurling him towards rocks, hardened over from the past … Continue reading When Overwhelmed, Know You’re Overwhelmed and Monitor Your Immediate Next Thought. All The Best.

The Letter That Ignited a Billion Thoughts. The Power Of She.

He wrote a letter for her consisting of twelve hundred and seventy one words, across six A4 sized sheets, stacked one after the other, preferring not to write double-sided and neatly placed it inside a plastic file which was embossed with the logo of his company, which he didn't mind because it was the contents … Continue reading The Letter That Ignited a Billion Thoughts. The Power Of She.

Skills Will Take You Far. So Will A Great Network and Company. Better All Three.

His mind was on fire. Not literally, because he would have died, but figuratively. He needed sales. Lots of it. But he had reached the end of his target period. The end of financial year, the fourth quarter, which his company followed, ended on a weekend, dampening his spirit, leading to anxiety creeping up slowly, … Continue reading Skills Will Take You Far. So Will A Great Network and Company. Better All Three.

The Tag of an Introvert

Sins hated the feeling of wasted effort with all his heart. Although, he couldn't quantify or express the heartfelt angst that tore through his body from time to time when things didn't go the way he so desired, he was sure that whenever his workload increased his effort with no visible progress, he would feel … Continue reading The Tag of an Introvert


Malcolm began the day at seven in the morning, and had been about to head to his gymnasium when he realised it was a Sunday, and no matter as much as he adored his gymnasium because of the feel good vibes and the crowd which came there, he had to admit that he hated its … Continue reading Disappointments

Smiles, Conflicts and Making A Difference

Sins was feeling totally whacked out of his mind courtesy the woman he had just met. The woman was the Brand Manager of a company which had just posted its record year in terms of both turnover and profits, and naturally Sins had smelt money waiting to be spent on their marketing activities for this … Continue reading Smiles, Conflicts and Making A Difference

The Dreams of Lord Sins

Sins hadn't seen a dream in weeks, and for some reason this fact bothered him because he believed dreams carried secret messages conveyed from his soul to his conscious, thinking self, his mind. Dreams were fascinating, they were like a puzzle, a riddle to solve, by associating images together through whatever logic possible, and most … Continue reading The Dreams of Lord Sins

Champion. Fighter. Promotion.

Twenty two days ago, Sins had been promoted to become a Sales manager, which meant in addition to creating presentations and excel sheets for the company's existing and prospective clients, he would be making a lot of calls as well. This meant discipline, dedication, hard work and commitment. Sins had always been a hard worker, … Continue reading Champion. Fighter. Promotion.

The Age of Flesh

Starr woke up on a bright Sunday afternoon and promptly went back to sleep again. Beside her, Sins lay with his back slightly arched, working away on his laptop diligently, intently scouring for new brands and companies to pitch his business to. Sins loved prospecting like this, firmly lost inside the crevices of his mind, … Continue reading The Age of Flesh

The Sound of Sirens

Sins was taking a gigantic shit at six in the morning when the light in his bathroom went out. Left with nothing but the sound of his breathing and his butt spewing torrents of shit towards the splashing water beneath, he recalled how last night had been a disaster waiting to happen. He had started … Continue reading The Sound of Sirens

Outmuscled and Broken

Malcolm entered the room, his head spinning wildly. The last time he had drunk this much before was exactly seven months ago, on the occasion of his best friend's wedding. Not that he had liked to go, but only because she had asked him to come. After all, they had been extremely close, lovers even, … Continue reading Outmuscled and Broken

Progressive Addiction

Malcolm dreamed about progress. He felt the framework of a vision, the vision for his future, a bright, brilliant and secure future, one where leisure, fun and frolic were a given, with food, nature and sex in plenty. He dreamed about it so often, that he had once masturbated to the vision, with the scenes … Continue reading Progressive Addiction

The Godfather

It seemed to Sins as if, his life was just perfect. It was neither too comfortable but neither too tough. Just perfect. His job required him to stretch his limits intellectually while his evenings were spent exerting himself physically. It was the ideal life, according to him. Once, his finances were taken care of to … Continue reading The Godfather

The Last Man Standing

Sins blew his first professional salary, a stipend for rendering his services for a period of one month, in exactly 3 days. By the seventh day, he had recouped all of it back, plus another half as 'surplus'. After repeating the same transaction for another 4 times, Sins felt like retiring and settling outside the … Continue reading The Last Man Standing


Sins grabbed hold of his soft, fluffy white pillow and grasping it firmly, tore it into half, proceeding to beat the non-living object to pulp, sprouting cotton feathers all over the place. Now, even more enraged at the ensuing mess, Sins screamed with all his might, his gaze moving upwards. "Get out of my head! … Continue reading Will

Anti-Social Brethren

Malcolm wished he could be high all the time. But, then he figured the novelty of peace and bliss would gradually become the new sober state of the mind, post which he would crave a higher feeling anyway. He decided he would be happier with how things were currently, where upliftment of the mind was … Continue reading Anti-Social Brethren

Cannabis Work

"Hi, this is Mr. Sins speaking. Could you please connect me to your Head of Marketing?" "And where are you from sir?" "You can tell him it's his old acquaintance calling. Actually, off the record, I just want to surprise him. Oblige me, will you?" "I'm sorry Sir, I won't be doing that" "I'm sorry, … Continue reading Cannabis Work