Fat Shamed

Mr. Sins felt ugly when he stared at his reflection in the broken mirror. He thought he still looked like an immature child, but bore the body of an adult.

4 inches of stomach portruded out from beneath his chest. When he held his breath, he could see the dim pattern of the abs inside. After beginning to work out at a nearby gym for the past month, Sins’ stomach had grown even more.

He blamed his lifestyle, the incessant intoxication, his love for fast food of every variety and skipping breakfast everyday. In the lame pursuit of heightening the senses of his mind, he had ended up creating a pathetic body. The more he looked into the mirror, the more pathetic and angry he felt.

One night he’d seen a horribly vivid dream.

In the dream, he’d been strapped to a hospital table, surrounded by three menacing looking creatures, two females and one male. In their hands, gleamed three maniacally monstrous chainsaws. Sins had been whimpering on the table, when the creatures ran their chainsaws all over his stomach to sculpt 4 great pairs of abs.

At the end of the dream, they had presented Sins with a replica image of himself, made completely with his stomach fat.

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