A New World Order. The Dawn Of The Cannabis Age.

There was a time when he had truly loved another human being for every waking moment and been unceremoniously dumped, much to his chagrin, only to later realize it was him who was flying high in an imaginary love story and hence imaginably dumped, much to his chagrin. The creators of fate, whoever or whatever that was were probably smiling, because, during the aftermath of that episode, he had indeed loved, this time for real, only to be unceremoniously dumped a few months later, his imagination and fantasies back to square one.

Years, years later, a fully grown adult now, Sins thought it would be best if he didn’t obsess much over how his life would transpire, but rather focus those same energies on plotting and thinking about the moves he needed to pull off by co-operating effectively with other human beings who sought to enter or exit his life depending upon the nature of the relationship he would be able to sustain with them. It went without saying that he would try his best to do so.

However, some facts bothered him, like the fact that despite multiple attempts to do so, he hadn’t really cracked how to get out of his comfort zone more often. He had an annoying habit of retreating back into his shell and proceed on to do…nothing. Like the fact that, several times he just couldn’t see the point in doing anything at all, his reasoning being along the line that if all of humanity was engaged in accomplishing the same thing – ensuring that every man and woman got access to resources – psychological or physical, why were emotions like religion, power and egos not being bought in control at all?

In his opinion, a worldwide awakening of consciousness and reason needed to become the norm, a grand celebration of some kind, whereby every man and woman of legal mature age would realise that the human species possessed genetic differences, through which bigots and extremists fueled hate, misinformation and violence, differences that were designed by evolution to just…be, and that this fact needed to be profoundly reminisced by consuming the best strains of marijuana grown on earth.

It would be the dawn of a new era, a new world order of….world peace.

Societies would thrive through effective social cooperation, emanating from the properties of the cannabis plant’s THC compound that rendered people more open to experimentation and new ideas, while the hemp plant’s uses would herald a revolution in the way men and women used products to make their lives easier in a sustainable way. For Sins, hate was a disease, a disease that rotted away one’s core principles and values, leaving behind a void, a chasm that was ripe to be filled in by alcohol and tobacco, two evils that had infringed upon marijuana’s rightful place as everyone’s vice.

A revolution was coming. Sins knew it would. It was time.

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