The Sins of Addiction

His viewpoint was simple, straight forward and honest. According to him, they were. According to him, only him. On the day that had begun with him imagining he was just a sentient being simulating his consciousness in the fast and exciting world of the twenty first century, while experiencing it for real in the twenty third, he had also realized that he was in love, in the twenty first century. According to him. After laughing about it nervously for a few minutes, and hoping his real self in the twenty third was also in love, he had decided to get high, simply so that his feelings about love would get amplified and the fact that it was so easy to manipulate the human biochemical system, a few drags of the right stimulant begetting a few hours of better bodily sensations.

That was the whole point, innit?

Because the last time he had checked, online obviously, scientists, the human beings whose biochemical systems were wired to be unimaginably curious, had stated categorically and in no held back tone, that they did not know the ‘essence’ or the ‘sacredness’ of a human being, for which they had no empirical evidence for’ and that a few algorithms that governed the workings of the brain chemicals made humans feel contented or anything else for that matter, all of which were a result of electrical activity in the brain.

In short, humans could technically, simulate a new consciousness of themselves or anybody else, by targeting the correct quantity of electricity at the correct parts of the brain, and experiment how to feel pleasant and peaceful forever. Forever. The pursuit of happiness was, no longer a journey to produce blood and sweat for, but something to be felt everyday. All that needed to be done was to mass produce this technology and leave it for mortal beings to experience their most ideal feelings , day in, day out.

For now, his choice was marijuana.

For the last ten thousand years, with the dawn of the agricultural revolution, when different civilizations independent of each other, around the world, began cultivating plants to deliberately to increase their control over food production, rather than relying on hunting and foraging like nomads, the marijuana plant has been and is being harvested by generations of growers to provide them both capitally useful materials and mental well being products.

Frowned upon by generations of populations due to the influence of the alcohol and tobacco industries in successfully lobbying for its ban and classifying it with cocaine and heroin, and through mass advertising campaigns, utilizing TV’s heyday as the prime source of entertainment of that era (it still is, especially in developing countries which are still primarily one-TV households, where habits like joint viewing still carry the social bonding factor (for that matter, even in developed markets). Keep in mind we’re talking about ‘appointment viewing’ like live sports, and not about binge-watching content on YouTube or Netflix or any other of the hordes of OTT platforms competing in the marketplace), to degrade it further, the plant is successfully making a comeback, propelled by the awareness of hemp.

He thought it was really cool that human beings would be in control of their own feelings and deliberately change its composition day in, day out, enabling us to never experience unpleasant sensations that sometimes, somehow just crept in one’s system out of nowhere, lasting for a few minutes or hours, before changing into something better or worse, inspiring all sorts of reactions from genocides, suicides, massacres, rapes, tortures and the other infinite ways to cause mental, physical harm and pain to other human beings.

He hoped the substances, in whichever form could be produced could be mixed in cold coffee.

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