The Chaos and Unknown In The World and How To Overcome It.

The worst was over.

The time had come for him to deliver on all his professed potential and promises to himself at breakneck speed, and deliver them as soon as possible. It was possible to be productive on an insane level, yet manage to create a wealth of balance between his personal and professional life. He would show how to do so, not for the merry of anyone but himself. After all, who was he living for, but for himself and the select few who had invested some amount of emotional well-being in him, that would probably last for a few weeks if not a few months in case of an untimely demise. Of course, this would not be the case with his parents, who genuinely did have a lot of emotions invested in him.

He kept hearing the same usual buzzwords of creating value for other individuals or groups of humans, wherever he went, and struggled to understand the ethos and the premise of creating value, something that should have been so straight-forward, yet it was perplexing, in light of the fact of all the uncertainty, fear and confusion being peddled all over the world to chase a few selfish motives, detrimental to one mass of humanity over the other. Why weren’t the swathes of humanity all across the globe not being treated as one species but as separate peoples belonging to different nation-states and ethnicities, as if the variance in economic and biological origins should be a legitimate determinant of one’s future?

He saw fear, lust and a general lackadaisical attitude to life streaming across every community, as if there was a lack of consensus and motivation to become better versions of themselves not for a collective cause, but for themselves, a journey to be undertaken to understand every causation and effect happening out there in the world, and figure out their roles in it. Was it too much to ask? It was. Short-term gratification was rampant, and just like how one group of humanity, a small minority would truly empower, enrich and uplift themselves both intellectually and financially, there would exist a vast majority who would give in, sucked into their habits of settling for the short-term fix of dopamine over the long-term pleasure of being better.

“You’ve to feel love, not spell it”, she had said, and he had agreed, whole-heartedly, with good feelings bouncing off his heart. The fact was, the world was getting more complicated by the day, and whoever understood its inherent motivations, the confluence of biotechnology, computer science and electronics, on every sphere of human life imaginable, would reap a handsome divide, but then, what it required one to become, was stuff that few individuals had the inclination to perform, or even think about, so out of tune that they were with reality, just content to sit back and consume, consume and consume, earning a pittance just to survive and be happy with it, when an entire universe awaited their attention, ignored and squandered because of fear and a general attitude of mental laziness.

There was only one solution, which was a constant hunger to be open-minded, go against the prevailing culture of doing things the old way, both personally and professionally, and learn new things in the three domains of biotechnology, computer science and electronics, and then applying those principles and concepts to one’s individual choice of field or interest, both personally and professionally, to watch myriad possibilities in one’s life, come and bloom full circle, beyond one’s wildest dreams or imaginations. Combined with the ever present aspects of fitness, nutrition, meditation and spirituality, themselves so relevant to the three domains, one could become unstoppable in whichever endeavor one undertook.

All this needed was, open-mindedness and love, a love for change because change was the only constant and the world was changing fundamentally, visible to only those whose sought it out, invisible as it was to people who clung to the social and cultural mindsets of the past, just because it was more comfortable to do so, while watching and complaining about the ones who had the foresight to think ahead and get ahead faster.

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