The Tango of Thinking and Actually Doing Them

The substance was making him talkative.

But he knew that not all talk was productive. In the sense, since speech was the output of a function of all the existing information and experience that the human mind had sought to understand or come into contact with, it is prudent to know that not all the information bore a definite, coherent structure. This gap is filled by experience. Of course, reading well-written literature about multiple disciplines and then converging their principles to make entirely new technologies, helped from time to time. Reading in general, helped. Though, not everyone was the same. A critical mass of people had lost the art of reading for good, so easier as it was to consume content through audio or video or both. Reading required a certain sense of effort and commitment from a vast section of people. Blessed are the people who can immerse themselves deeply into a book for hours at end.

He thought about building a new magazine brand.

He dropped the idea after a few minutes. He told himself re-assuredly that it wasn’t as if he didn’t possess the will to put in the effort, rather, on the contrary, he loved the challenge. Just like the time when he had roused himself from his bed and muted all his phone’s incessant notifications and alerts, not to mention the vibrations, after realizing he had spent hours scrolling through Instagram. It had been necessary and to his surprise, he suffered from withdrawal symptoms for a few days, so constant was the itch, the craving he felt, a longing to spend his hours lying back, consumed by the variety of content he could passively consume, including the mesmerizing visuals that held his mind with a tight-grip.

Maybe he ought to invest his time in doing something else. The purpose of life, he felt, was doing something. An individual, at some point in their lives, depending on his or her psychology of thought, could choose to keep going or end his or her life or could lay dormant. Dormant meaning, a state of being wherein the human being has no interest in reality anymore, lacks the motivation, desire and hunger to put effort and may or may not seek to escape reality with the help of substances. Of course, the line of reasoning is more complex. Every individual was a function of the environment they found themselves in which in turn depended on one’s family socio-economic conditions to sustain and provide him or her with the resources to survive first and then thrive.

Seeking to understand the world around him, he sat around his house all day, for the past ten days, reading books and watching online content. He learnt about new buzzwords on the internet, watching a couple of videos, before going deeper with books for an in-depth understanding. He had bookmarked five websites which served as his go-to places, the first thing he did on a new working, productive day. He didn’t delve on work-life balance much. He wanted to think and have productive conversations all the time. In a sense, he was driven to. He believed, he deserved to enhance the quality of his life, up several notches from the present, helping him become more productive and so on and on in a constantly reinforcing cycle.

He decided to get high and read Simon Sinek’s The Infinite Game

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