Cannabis Apt for Web 3.0 and Crypto

The key to a good life lies in paying attention to certain things really well. The ability to pay attention is not taught to us in school and college, and indeed one of the assumptions before we start schooling is that we are already equipped to pay attention. This is seldom the case. Often, individuals never learn to pay attention to one thing till it’s mastered and understood properly. He didn’t feel like preaching, therefore, last week he had decided to keep all his thoughts to himself, until and unless he was asked specifically for some help. People did not like to be told what to do and people also liked to tell others what to do. He had been on both sides, and could attest to both of them as being true. The ability to ‘flow’ in what we all need in our lives. For it is the sense of flow that causes pleasure.

Therefore, instead of chasing pleasure, which only creates short-term thrift and leaves us hungry all over again after some point of time, it is better to chase flow. How can we flow as fast as possible? He remembered the feeling as the times when he was able to understand concepts and things very clearly, often loosing the sense of time in the process. If he were to count the number of times and instances when this had happened, he could clearly remember three – when he had been playing football, when he had been writing essays, when he had been reading novels and had now progressed to non-fiction, when he was fully absorbed into a bone-crushing electric guitar metal riff and other instances which he wasn’t able to fully recall now. Calculus, namely integration problems in high school had also caused a sense of flow within him. Therefore, he needed to find more instances to flow.

He often suffered from analysis paralysis and since he now knew what it was leading to (lack of accountability to deliver results, goofing around on an intellectual basis with no roots in anything practical, a theoretical person rather than using theory to make change happen for profit or non-profit) – a sense of discontentment and a lack of social cohesion. Probably, if he were not an introvert, he couldn’t have been so comfortable in spending long amounts of time reading stuff, however, he realised this had its fair share of cons. He was susceptible to substance addiction. Cigarettes, coffee (cold), cannabis were his go to ones. He often had no self-control for a few days, before snapping back into reality with an altogether rush, mostly by hitting the gym again, washing away toxins via the sweat, and starting to wake up early from the next day onwards, swearing that he wouldn’t get sucked into the abyss of substance addiction again. This was happening for the last 4 years and he was done with it. His body could not take the lack of food and water in favour of substances for so long. And he needed sleep. What was he doing, he had no idea to be honest.

He was exploring a writing career in Web 3. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain interested him a lot. So did financial markets and in general, the discipline of economics. There were tons of ideas that were needed by people all over the world. In the sense, the world was awash with problems. Currently, the problem that cannabis faced with regards to the mainstream economy – was firstly lack of regulatory acceptance owing to decades of paranoia and misinformation, in turn due to scientific diligence and political compulsions. The second problem was its clubbing with recreational drugs of all kinds, including synthetic ones. Personally, he felt that if good quality cannabis were available to everyone to be used, people would not end up abusing addiction inducing (biological reflex causing) drugs like methamphetamine or heroin. Cannabis was way way safer that way. And science had the answers already. There had to be a way of building a decentralized application for cannabis. He was working on it.

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