Come Be Part of a Meaningful Global Community

Time and tide again, the mind serves to stimulate itself.

The past, present and the future dictate that we have a choice to embrace chaos and descent into hell, or start thinking and build the paradise that we can fantasize. A middle way is to make order out of chaos, or chaos from order, again and again, and find yourself years later, reminiscing about how the all the time had gone to pass.

We can either continue to obsess over our cultural differences and let them interfere with our capabilities to think, or we can embrace them and shape our minds for long-term meaning. Geo-politics and international relations served to work towards keeping the peace, yet for how long can we follow different conflict-breaking strategies, without something or the other happening from time to time. Geopolitics was about entertainment and escapism for the masses not involved in the unfortunate circumstances, while a strong minority of the elites everywhere dictated and disseminated the stories. Where is now the time to think to oneself about one’s own ability to create order out of chaos?

The nation-states are seemingly in a tryst with themselves. They have believed that they are seemingly ‘above’ the rest of the community members. Yet, they forget that they are subject to the laws of entropy, demand and supply too. They too are subject to the forces of competition and power. In the long-term, would the possibility of a neutral network of surveillance equipment run autonomously by decentralized networks suffice to keep the threat of violence and chaos out of our societies? However, we then come back to the original question that lies at the base of capitalism and human civilization: who is in charge? Do we need someone in charge? Does someone need to be a human being to do so. The dangers are obvious. Power corrupts someday, and absolute power truly does.

There is ever reason to believe that societies and cultures are in an ever-permanent flux. Methods of production, what people want and when, the forces of market demand and supply, jargons of all shapes and sizes, there is a chaos of information out there, leaving individuals and communities rooted in their tracks or serving up idea after idea and filling them with aspirational, and then hopefully, executional delight. There are so many things to do. We exist in both and individualist and communal societies. Yet, this difference manifests itself in different ways. A perfect clash of civilization theses classifies the western world order being wary about the east. This is unnecessary. The reality is that the United States has its own interests, so does the EU, the UK seemingly a special breed of history. The Russians and the Chinese have their own interests; while the others, Japan, Australia, South Korea jostle along with the Middle East. There are too many forces at play. And we haven’t mentioned the colossal giant India.

But, there’s a reason why thinking in terms of our nationalities is a passé and kind of now uncool.

We’re more similar than we realize. While there exists the difference of language, customs, belief and thought processes, they are more or less about how humans should behave with each other and achieve goodness in their own lives and communities. From this vantage point of view, there is already a sizeable community in every nation which wants to move beyond nation-state specific ideologies and embrace the possibilities of building something meaningful for the whole world, and as a result, for their own nations if they choose that to be so. Denigrating certain things because of discomfort or ego does not warrant win-win results across the board of people involved in solving issues and problems begetting them.

We’re launching a decentralized autonomous organization for the world medicinal plant trade, starting with cannabis and mushrooms front and centre. At the same time, our community members consist not only of people involved in making this trade happen, but also the service providers, namely doctors, educators and researchers interested in evaluating what works best for what and how. Doctors can collaborate with each other using software and generate holistic health protocols for multiple patients at a time, and standardize the whole ecosystem the moment there are certain results that need to be presented both to popular media and the government at large. Since the government monitors supply of the raw material, especially cannabis and mushrooms, among many others, the platform will account for it in terms of the collaboration required to make a certain thing happen. Multi-sided marketplaces are the norm in software, however can the same platform also be used by enterprises and individuals wishing to contribute to the network and make it grow?

That’s why we’ll be launching a token.

That’s right. Since the bulwark of any good product or service is its ability to be useful to as many users as possible, we’re launching a utility token that will be used by individuals in a virtual economy, gather massive scale via a DAO, and then enter the physical markets by expanding the community member list. With time, the DAO will own physical property, health hubs, recreation areas and other assets linked to the needs of the community. Individuals and communities who wish to contribute early can reach out.

The details of the earliest community members will be announced shortly.

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