Marijuana and the Universe

“Tell me the truth. Do you believe in God?”

“I believe in the concept”

“Really? Tell me the concept”

“I think we humans have overused and simplified the concept of God, due to which we are seeing polarisation and wars fought over religion. I mean, how many times have we seen sane people reiterate again and again, that the first men and women couldn’t possibly have created divides among themselves. I believe modern religious wars have been led by a few corrupt, selfish groups with vested economic interests, deliberately condemning millions of innocents to death and torture”

“You didn’t answer my question”

“Oh yes, I didn’t. Sorry for that. It’s just that violence over such a core topic for humanity, makes me feel angry myself. What a fucking irony. The only difference being, I encourage spirited violence with the usage of words, and not weapons”

“So tell me the concept”

“Humankind is, should and are fundamentally obsessed with a couple of questions. One is, are we alone in this universe? And the second is even more fundamental. Who created the universe? If it is God, why did he/she create the universe? For what purpose? What is the nature of this supreme force credited with creating the universe? Is it possible that all matter evolved out of nothingness?”

“Wow. You have truly set the stage. Thanks for this. Do you want to smoke more marijuana?”

“Please, thank you brother. God bless you”

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