The Evil Herb

“Forgiveness is for the weak. Why should the onus be on the sufferer, to first endure the perpetrated act, and then issue a pardon. I believe, in this case the sufferer has full rights to retaliate his/her brand of suffering to the perpetrator. Forgiveness is for the weak”

Mr. Sins listened to the man in silence. They were sitting on top of a local hilltop, small from the usual standpoint, but tall enough for an intense 15 minute climb. On the way, they’d passed a couple of couples, who averted their gazes the moment Sins and the man had come in view. They’d chuckled to themselves, noting their young eyes.

“But, sir, don’t you think violence begins a vicious circle once commenced, finally harming everyone involved in the process? Isn’t is better for the first sufferer to pardon the first perpetrator, and in the process stop the circle at the beginning itself”

The man’s eyes bored into Sins’. It was difficult to say, whether he was calm or slightly ruffled. He smiled at Sins.

“Kid, I believe in peace, don’t get me wrong on that part. But, by what fucking right? By what fucking right, does the perpetrator feel he can commit random acts of evil? No kid, it cannot be. It absolutely fucking cannot”

“The only solution is, to nip the evil in the bud immediately after the first act of evil. Yes, we cannot stop the evil feelings from invading men or women, but we can definitely communicate the fact that such unwarranted evil is intolerable, and then at least prevent the public to resist creating trouble. The general sentiment should be one of resisting evil, instead of giving in. That’s the message I want to pass.”

“Well said Sir”

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