Toxicated Energy, Toxicated Economy

Little by little, the energy was coming back.

All it had taken was to cut down if not downright eliminate, energy-sucking activities. The nature of energy-sucking activities can be imposed on both mental and physical levels. For example: forgetting to have water in the right amount was an energy-sucking (neglecting, rather) activity over the long-term. Skipping food was also one of them. So was unbeknownst levels of toxicating oneself for one reason or another. There were many ads running on popular media channels about living life ‘large’, but hardly any disclaimers for the same, like the way it was for financial speculation or investing.

All in all, a good state of affairs to look forward to the weekend. Look forward to what exactly, wasn’t clear at this point of time. It could be anything. He wondered how ‘great’ leaders in society spent their weekends, as in what did they plan to do? The you-only-live-once mantra was good too; just that it needed a bit of regulation so that one’s biochemistry and state of mind wouldn’t get afflicted after a point of time. It often did for him, especially after a week of constantly living as per it. When the cannabis venture picked steam, it was better to work on this aspect to help people look at toxication from a medicinal regulation point of view, rather than the mainstream recreational view. The recreational frame of view wasn’t quite accurate for cannabis, because there was much more to be done by using it, instead of the popularly perceived view of using it to ‘while away time’ or ‘indulge in immoral activities’, without actually saying what that immoral activity in question was.

There were multiple narratives at play in the world currently, while the public was being fed surface level news and issues, shortening their attention spans as a result along side an explosion in short videos and addictive internet usage for seeking solace in entertainment. The fundamental questions affecting communities with regards to food supply chains, electric power, clean water, transportation systems and service functions were seemingly ‘beyond the understanding’ of common men and women, as per the popular rhetoric that was being pushed out by supporters of authoritarian regimes. As far as they were concerned, the plights of people involved in maintaining basic, fundamental infrastructure for the economy, was of no concern.

Where was the will to sit straight and discuss about the issues of society and economy, objectively, he did not know. He asked this question mostly to himself so that he could stay motivated for the next individual who tried to speak to him personally or professionally. Since it was December, there was a hint of merry in the air. Brains, already fried, seemed to be getting ready to bask in some well-earned debauchery. Altering the consciousness with the help of medicinal cannabis seemed to be the best way to make do with life, because its compounds offered the closest representation of nature’s well-being for the human body. Being biochemical cousins was a big deal.

The will to do good work had never been higher.

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