Happy Birthday, Starr

The sun gleamed for sometime and disappeared behind the clouds soon after.

It behaved like someone who was isolated by the swarms of people around them; akin to empty shells, with one thought after the other, creating one emotion after another. Starr’s voice reverberated in his head again, like it had been for the last three years. There was nothing about it that he craved for. There was only acceptance. Like a character who had fulfilled his brief appearance, leaving neither the audience nor the director satisfied. Tattered clothes lay strewn on the floor, abandoned to their fate, in a perpetual state of being swept aside, never to find a human body who would caress it again.

He had seen Starr at a co-working space.

His eyelids were heavy like his head. Cigarette smoke wafted in from the window nearby, accompanied by a ray of sunshine that looked so intense that it seemed as if it were afraid it would never find this time of day to make an appearance again. Getting drunk on coffee was a favourite pastime to indulge in till lunch. Consumption was necessary to steer the manic wheel of economy. Thoughts lined up to arrive one after the other, sometimes in circles, sometimes in long lines or sometimes accompanied by pictures like massive skyscrapers, hideous torture chambers, packets of internet speed data and philosophy books.

Thank you, Starr.

The thoughts arrived again and again. Graves, littered over the world are testimony to the thoughts we’ve thought and the actions we’ve taken for thousands of years. Reckless scrolling and infinite news feeds were rewiring everyone into multiple realities. There is not need to prove multiverses exist, because combined with all our heads, we already are in them as we think and speak. We just cannot feel them because we’re all locked in our heads, thereby lacking the complete immersion of actually being in them. If there was a way to encode our subjective experiences of emotion & conscience, and actually enter each other’s realities, there would either be a lot of profundity or a lot of disgust any everything in between. For, really feeling someone requires an affinity with their whole being, that is their entire energy. Everyone exists. But, we only feel us.

Thank you, Starr.

As information & media has ripped through our lives at light speed, using pixels for simulating abundance and stimulating humans with triggers & nudges has become the new normal. We’ve a habit of projecting ourselves and others, onto ourselves and others. There is a safety to be felt in the collective that cannot be felt by the individual. Even if the individual feels it’s the same, it is not of the same nature. Existence is the common duty of both, but each have their own way of existing, with one trumping the other at various points of time in human civilisation. Neither are fully correct, neither are fully wrong. They just are, there.

Thank you, Starr. Long life.


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